darleen masiak

Looking North. Woodcut, 20 x 8 in, 1996
Mountain in the Mist. Woodcut, 4.5 x 20 in, 1996
Upper Hulahula. Woodcut, 20 x 4.5 in, 1996
Misty Mountain. Woodcut, 20 x 8 in, 1996
Tumbling Stream. Woodcut, 20 x 4.5 in, 1996
Mountain Creek. Woodcut, 8 x 20 in, 1996
Untitled 1. Conte charcoal and alkyd wash, 8 x 15 in, 1996
Untitled 2. Conte charcoal and alkyd wash, 12 x 8 in, 1996
Untitled 3. Conte charcoal and alkyd wash, 8 x 9 in, 1996
Untitled 4. Conte charcoal and alkyd wash, 12 x 8 in, 1996
Untitled 5. Conte charcoal and alkyd wash, 9 x 8 in, 1996

darleen masiak grew up on a farm in Wisconsin and received her college degree in art and biology from Beloit College, Wisconsin. From there she moved to Alaska in 1975 and since then has called Alaska home. She continues to pursue art, and works as a biological technician. masiak’s work comprises woodcuts in Shina plywood, water-based ink monotypes combined with woodcuts, and large but intimate metal and rock sculptures meant to be out and about in her yard.


Nature is my inspiration, and spending several weeks in wilderness areas enables me to set up a rhythm that is different from my every day life throughout the year.

Over the years I have learned what art supplies to take with me in the field. If I am not on a walking trip, I take Shina plywood, sumi ink and brushes to set up my woodcuts. A couple of years ago on a 10 day walk I took newsprint in various sizes that matched my plywood sizes and painted the woodcut image on the paper. Later at home I glued down the newsprint onto the wood to carve. I also take a variety of sketching materials; small sketch pads, different papers (Rives, Arches, etc.), Conte charcoal, alkyd medium, Caran d’Ache crayons and various pencils.

As years have passed I have tried more and more to establish this space and rhythm in my home environment, I feel it is important they not be separate.

Artwork © 1996-2023 by darleen masiak. Used with permission of the artist.

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